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The Artist
Don King

A Few Words From The Artist
- November 2018

Welcome to my web site. I hope you'll find something in the Galleries that will be inspiring, soul-stirring or encouraging, as that is my main objective in the creation of my art. I have tried to "serve the words" in each piece by amplifying its effect, through the use of properly expressive letter forms, color and design, in order to elicit an emotional response in you, the viewer.

I am frequently asked how I came to be a calligrapher, especially after having spent a full career as an Army Special Forces Soldier. My response is that, clearly and without any doubt, the Lord God guided me from the start when He introduced me to the Carolina Lettering Arts Society and the Triangle Calligraphers' Guild in 1982, a couple of years after my retirement from the military. After a few years of "testing the waters" of the corporate world, and simultaneously developing my calligraphic skills and client base, He brought me to the conclusion that I would be much happier as a self-employed artist, and in August of 1987 I became a full-time professional calligrapher and lettering artist.

I have found that calligraphic art is intensely personal - much more so than a painting. As in selecting a painting, either to be presented as a gift or to be displayed in the home or work place, the general subject matter and color scheme must be compatible with the individual or the intended environment. However, with a piece of calligraphic art, not only must all the above criteria be met, but the words must strike into the heart and psyche of the future owner. A poem or selection of prose that greatly impacts one individual may mean absolutely nothing to the next.

For that reason, most of the works in the Galleries were originally created as commissions, my client providing the text. Many of them, while satisfying the tastes of their future owners, and while I found the words to be powerful and important, failed to satisfy my own views of how they should be presented. In these cases, I reworked the words, design and color to create my own statement, always, of course, giving proper deference to the author.

During my 36-plus years as a working calligrapher, I've had the opportunity to put beautiful letters on an amazingly wide range of things, from airplane propellers to rocks; aisle runners to boat transoms; bridesmaids' gifts to magnolia leaf place cards, and more. After having created several hundred pieces of poetry and prose, I've settled on one favorite genre - special certificates of recognition for people who have done significant things in their businesses, community, or for the world in general. CONTACT ME TO DISCUSS WHAT I CAN DO FOR YOUR SPECIAL PERSON OR ORGANIZATION.

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