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Don has set aside his teaching efforts for a while. Please contact the Triangle Calligraphers' Guild (TCG) to learn of current or planned classes in the Triangle area and state-wide.

He will consider tutoring on a one-to-one basis to address specific calligraphic and lettering subjects. If you are interested in polishing up your skills and/or knowledge in a particular subject (e.g., a certain calligraphic hand, media, substrates, design and layout techniques, etc.), please contact him to discuss a personal arrangement.


Don has a great number of works for sale, both originals and prints, at very reasonable prices. Many can be seen in the Galleries, and more are being added soon. Contact Don directly for details.


In addition to creating beautiful interpretations of poetry and prose, Don also can frame your pieces, using all archival methods and materials, at competitive prices.


Several of Don's pieces, as well as many calligraphic murals, may be seen on display at Friendship Baptist Church, 5510 Falls of Neuse Road in Raleigh. You're always welcome to be Don's guest at regular services on Sundays, or by appointment at other times. The works currently on display include:

"Rugged Cross" - A three-dimensional work approximately 25"x18"x6", constructed of various wood veneers and depicting the last seven sayings of Christ on the cross.

"Matthew Diptych" - Two interdependent pieces, each approximately 40"x32", expressing the words of Matthew 28:19&20 (Go ye into all the world...) The calligraphy is done in decorative Black Letter style, with 23-karat illuminated initials.

"Six Biblical Pieces" - A set of six framed verses, each in a basic color of the rainbow, the color and lettering style chosen to enhance the words of each verse.

"Light" - A 32"x40" work, with shades of white and yellows on a variegated (paste paper) purple ground. Fourteen Bible verses having to do with Light are arranged in a starburst configuration. A blue-and-white version of this work is available, presently unframed, for sale.

"I, John..." - A piece approximately 30"x20", executed in a decorative post-Renaissance hand in black and red, of John's words in Revelation 21:2-7.

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